Its been an Amazing year so far……

Gavin Doniger News

IMG_37872013 and I have to say, my gig count is down, but I feel my year this year is way better then its pervious few! Like I said less gigs have been played yet the Music is feeling better then ever. New projects in the pipeline! New line ups for the different “Mescalito-Carnations that happen! I’m feeling alive with music, inspired ready to explore some new parts of the Globe over the next 24 months. Putting it out there and going towards whats real! Not following record companys and venue owners, festival bookers! I’m chasing the real experience music brings to everyone! I have learnt over the last 12 years playing live , exploring the earth, that the best music I hear is 90% on the street, in small unknown bars, open mic nights, busking, jammin in hostels! Music brings people together were we can all communicate on the same level! It brings emotions out! Music is life, and i am proud to be part of this underground happening, were you can not join you end being apart of it, if you are really in it! MUSIC IS LIFE!!!!! Thats why I live mine……….Peace, Love, Music

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