Blues on Broadbeach 2021-

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Blues on Broadbeach May 2021- Mescalito Blues featuring Liam Bowditch Guitar, Gavin Doniger Vox/guitar/stomp

Eddie’s Grub house 28th Feb- Punk Rock Blues

Gavin Doniger News HIT THE LINK ABOVE FOR THE MADDNESS:- Was a crazy night as usual at Eddie’s! One of Mescalito’s favorite gigs. Always high energy responsive crowed where anything is possible. …


Gavin Doniger News

2019 – well didn’t she fly by!!! 2019 was a busy year for Mescalito Blues. Performing over 100 shows promoting there latest album “Tall Tails True” up and down the …

Back at the Aviary

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Its 20th November 2018 and I’m back in Melbourne with recording mystro Mr George Carpenter at the controls and my other partner in chrime in the Studio Mr Liam Bowditch …

Heading to Melbourne

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Heading down Melbourne ways this week to do a few shows with one of my favorite people to make music with Mr Liam Bowditch. Myself and Liam will be rockin …