Back at the Aviary

Gavin Doniger News

Its 20th November 2018 and I’m back in Melbourne with recording mystro Mr George Carpenter at the controls and my other partner in chrime in the Studio Mr Liam Bowditch with his amazing guitar talents. Ready to make a start on a new recording project.

When ever us 3 guys get into a recording space the magic flows and this time is no exception. If anything it’s flowing better then before. We work on 4 new songs all a little different and yes different is what this next album will be.

The next 3 days are nothing short of amazing , we capture some pure magic and things are sounds amazing. George just gets better and better at his craft. We lock in and he understands better then anyone where I want my music to come from. He know my vibe. Same for Liam , we always lock and are looking to go that extra mile to find that sound.

The enthusiasm and respect we have for each other and our art is fantastic.

I love recording with these guys.

Will be heading back to the Studio in March!! It’s going to be killer!!!

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