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I know it’s been a hard road the last 18/24 months for artist around the World.
I am feeling grateful and privileged to have been able to make a living from playing my original music for over 20 yrs now. (known only by a small percentage of the world’s population, like so many other musicians out there) I am not an award winning artist (and do not aspire to be one. I aspire to make great records I like) I congratulate those artist who have won awards.(But if they are only in it for the award then they are there for the wrong reasons.)
Music is so much heavier then that. Music moves so many people in so many different ways that it can never truly be understood. It brings out so many different emotion, memories, time and places, crazy spaces, thoughts feelings, altered states of mind etc etc.
I have been lucky enough to have played over 2000 shows, and to have performed in over 15 different countries around this crazy world. Met so many amazing people (who have invited me into there homes and have been lucky to experienced how the locals live). Released over 20 albums/e.p’s and have had the opportunity to work with some amazing artist over this time. Many of the artists I look up to and have worked with are not award winning artist but they are amazing artists in there own right. (** The Mofo, Achilis, K.Fantastic , Bambam, LoiIV Mr Pig, Vulture, TomTom , Drac, BoneR, m.rack, the frequency, thug, Laz12, DfozzSF, 12thVine,Capt, Elreg , mescal to name a few )
The hours upon hours one spends to get good at their craft, the sacrifice and commitment one takes to make a life from music could never be comprehended by someone who has never done it. The time it takes to create a record , write it, record it, mix it, master it, release it and play it Live. This can never be repaid in full.The knock backs, the rejection, the will to keep going when no one takes you seriously or beleives in you are all the thing the average musicians deals with on a day to day basis. But I’m not complaining one bit. I love these aspects of being a musician and would not change them for the world. It makes us who we are today. It has made me who I am today.( and yeah I’ve upset a few people on the way by saying how it is)
The beauty of Music is in the ears of the listener. One song can make some ones day instantly better, and this in itself can never really be explained in words (it’s a feeling). Music is one of the magical things that makes this World a better place.
Life without it would be drudgery.
It is not a competition like the “Corporates” try to make it.
It is an Art Form , first and formost.
I salute all the Musicians out there today , writing, performing, recording.
Stand tall, be proud, we help try bring out the best in humanity.
Look beyond ” the social medias” to find old and new Music!
We are blessed.
“Music is so much heavier then you think”

” Peace, Love, Music” βœŒπŸ’“πŸŽΆ

Doniger Music

(** I have used broken down names for these artist. They will know who they areπŸ’“)

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