Nimbin Hotel 13th July 2013

Gavin Doniger News

It had been 5 years since i last drove these bumpy roads into old Nimbin village!

Score a park out the front of the Pub with MC and Errol in tow we start to lug my small rigg in for the show! Not as soon as we open the back of the van to start to lug, this dude with his girl and child fully hits us up if we wont some Herb! Too classic, but nice to see things havent changed too much! The new skate park is sick thou!!
I he’d into the front bar, to see were we set up etc and I meet Robyn, the manager and lady I talk to via emails to organise the shows here at the Nimbin Hotel!

I get into setting up my gear, whist doing this a local indigenous lady comes to ask if I need a hand, says she’s done sound courses etc, then asks if i’d like a drink or she could even roll me a joint if i’d like!”not at the moment ” i replied, but said my mates over at that table there probably would? So she goes over and gives the boys a good $20 worth of fine Nimbin herb!They cant beleive someone just gave them free herb!We have a few Coopers scooners and chat with some of the locals out the back in the “smoking section”! Intersesting to say the least!! YEWW

Gig is alot of fun! Solo tonight, with my trusty Maton 225 work horse! Great guitar, been to many parts of the world and never seems to move too much! Matons best Acoustic guitars on the planet! I stomp my way thru the sets, jammin thru my usual originals Catfish Queen, 4-1-Second, Common Dream, LoveLove, Mescalito with a few old ones like Summerwind, Rack-up, Roam, Live n be and a few obscure ones Norma Jean, Belly up and Dead, chicken scratchin, nebraska blues!Even a few cover, Neil Young “needle and the damage done” Bob Dylans “outlaw blues” Rolling Stones “sweet virginia” “dead flowers”!

Between sets was lets just say Intersesting! Errol and MC had there Go-Pro video, so small they didnt even know they were being videoed! The footage is sooo funny, banter , antic and some agitation from a few select crew!

All up I enjoyed myself emmensely, and met some new friends!

I am back @ the Nimbin Hotel on the 19th October!!!

Peace. Love, Music

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