Lennox Hotel 12th April 2014-Mescalito Blues Rockin Duo

Gavin Doniger News

The Lennox Hotel is always a great place to do a show and tonight is no exception! As we lugg in the crowed is well on its way to having a good time! We set our gear up, tonight using my kick drum instead of my stomp-box and we both got electric guitars rockin tonight! We get started around 9.30 and give em some old Jimmy Reid- Good Lover that gets the crew in the mood! First set kicking thru 4-1-Second, Love Love, Summerwind, Graveyard, Take it back with Mr Dale Walker wailing it up on slide guitar. His guitar work never ceases to amaze and the crowed is dancing up a storm, loving the tunes! 2nd set gets crazier and after Rockin out our finest style of Mescalito Blues with Live n Be, Faded Hands, Take Me Away, Catfish Queen, Chill Riff Blues, Sex Drugs Rock n Roll and a few old Stones tunes , Gimme Shelter, Sympathy for the Devil, and ending the show with a Lennox local Favorite “Mescalito” the night is another success in the Mescalito archives! Thanks Lennox crew always a pleasure to come Rock out with you guys!!

Peace, Love, Music

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