Great Northern, Byron Bay- Badlands, Vernaskeep, Mescalito Blues

Gavin Doniger News

Back Room @ the Northern is always a great place to play! Great sound and good crew!

Last night was no exception! The place was Rockin!!! The Badlands lads are cool bunch of guys and will look forward to being on the Bill again with them soon!

Mescalito Blues start the night and get the crowd warmed up with some dirty swamp stompin blues!!! Dale was ripping it up on his worn torn strat, from melodic grooves to full blown leads that move in a way like no other!!
set was fun but seemed to go too quick!!

The Vernaskeep are next with ambient sounds and great layering of textures to give them a sound that reminded me of “The War On Drugs”! Great vocals and guitar work with the engine room up the back holding great groove!

The badlands hit the stage the the crowd is loving it! High energy Rock n Roll from these Byron local lads! Solid players with some great song anthems that gets the crowd right were they want them! Great to see Rock n Roll is still alive an well!!

Enjoy original freee live independent music!!!

Peace, Love, Music

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