Day two – Avery Studio- strangeness and happy hour!

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30th November- Day 2 of recording and we head towards Abbotsford to Avery Studios were George Carpenter has a room. George and myself arrive there around 10am.( We got a lot done yesterday in Woodstock. We tracked all songs-Guitars, Drums, Vocals, Keys on all four tracks and leads tracks on “My My MY”, “I need a Job” and “Oh Lord”.)

We start with laying down some bass lines on the songs. Organ bass sounds great and sounds great in the mix!
Liam gets to the studio round midday and he lays down some lead on “Nobody rides for Free”, using an old Fender Strat and mini Dan Electro amp. At first Liams not liking the sound but Georgie gets the best out of him, gets him to step out of his comfort zone and he nails a great lead take!
We also lay down some percussion, play around with some different sounds. Its great to see George is kicking it down here in Melbourne. I love people who get things done! (They say there going to do it and they do)

We head to the Gem for “Happy Hour”, $6 pints!! Great bar/pub, playing cool tunes and friendly staff. I love the “Betty Blue” poster on the wall as you come out of the toilet. (It is a cult classic, try catch the editors cut of the film it hilarious and strange all in one). WE catch up with Jesse from the “Delts Riggs” and Mad Mick from “Apes of Kaos”. Sink a few pints and have a great arvo. Liam leaves us after the Gem session( The lad had a large weekend of gigs and partying, great to see him down in Melbourne as well kicking goals with solo gigs around town).

Time to get back to the studio. Pretty much all is done for now before we head into mix down mode.

I have a strange poem I wrote on the back of my lyric sheet for “Oh Lord”. I tell Georgie about how I’d like to do this poem as a dark spoken word piece with a message. Georgie fires up his keys and we start playing around with ideas. Organ sounds, synth styles etc. I go out onto the street and record some car beeping, motorbikes, traffic for some back ground strangeness on the track. Mad Mick lays little keys as well. Into the late hours of the night and the spoken word track is done.

Lets see how it sounds tomorrow!


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